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Best Physics Tuition is founded to enable students to achieve excellence in Physics. It also has the mission to enlighten all to the workings of the universe, environment and self.

Mr Tony Chee is an MOE trained teacher who is motivated to improve students’ understanding of Physics, and their performance in physics tuition for Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Junior College 1 (JC1), Junior College 2 (JC2) and Integrated Programme (IP) examinations.

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Profile of  Mr. Tony Chee

Tony is an elected member of the Institute of Physics, Singapore. Institute of Physics (IOP) is one of the top Physics organisation in Singapore.

Back in 1923, Professor Albert Einstein visited Singapore. Subsequently, Professor Paul Dirac also came to Singapore shores. IOP’s elected fellows include our President Dr Tony Tan, Professor Christian Joachim as well as Professor Paul Davies.

Various Nobel Laureates such as Professor Gerardus ‘t Hooft and Professor Yang Chen-Ning are also part of the IOP Singapore family.

The electron is not as simple as it looks.

But fret not! Join Mr. Tony Chee best physics tuition classes to discover exciting and effective ways to learn and score for Physics!

Effective Notes

  • Concise notes with key concepts distilled.
  • Accompanied with challenging practice questions
  • Intensive and comprehensive revision packages


  • Most qualified Physics tutor in Singapore
  • Ex-MOE senior head and NIE lecturer
  • JC / IP lecturer and curriculum planner
  • PSC (Overseas) scholar
  • Institute of Physics elected member
  • 1st class Honours in Physics and Math

Structured Learning

  • Systematic topical coverage with intensive revision programmes
  • Topical challenging practice questions
  • Intensive exam paper practice closer to exams
  • Accessible after-tuition hours and available via message for Q&A.

Strategically Located for your Singapore science tuition

  • Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (bukit timah tuition centre)
  • Waterloo Centre (Waterloo Centre)

Proven Track Record

Students Per Year
of cohort improved by 2 grades or more
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