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What is Physics and why is it important?

In our daily life, we constantly use energy. Energy is needed to operate our planes, trains, automobiles, etc. Computers are always in need of some electrical sources, while telecommunication devices require cellular signals. With our expanded capabilities, our need for a new form of energy continuous, from nuclear power, fossil fuels, alternative power sources to hybrid power.

The Definition

When learning about physics, we usually focus on the core element of science, which is energy. This connection between science and energy is better understood with one solid definition of the subject. Physics is the study of energy and matter in a separate and combined manner.
It is the science of nature or natural objects, dealing with the laws and properties of matter, as well as the forces that act upon them. Physics typically concentrate on the forces that have a certain impact on matter — gravitation, light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and other forces.


Physics subject, unlike natural philosophy, relies on scientific methods in describing the natural world. In order to understand the universal principles, physics uses many workings from other branches of natural sciences, making the subject very common to every single material system. The application of energy to every life aspect is often refer to as the law of physics.

Why is this subject so important for students?

Physics is a complicated subject and most often than not, students need the guidance from an expert in order to excel in the field. Students, whether they are taking up their O-Level, A-Level, IB, or IP physics exams, will have to study diligently so they can answer the problems correctly. It doesn’t matter if they are intelligent or do well in other subjects; it is still possible that they will find physics difficult and hard to comprehend. Aside from that, learning physics is not just like Maths and other Science subjects. The students are required to learn certain keywords that they need to include in their answers, in order for their marks to be awarded. Hence, they need a good and experienced teacher to train and prepare them.

Moreover, students who are finding difficulties with the subject aren’t the only ones joining our tuition courses. Many of them are high achievers that are too busy on their projects, service learning, internships, CCA, etc., giving them limited time to review. Joining our tuition centre helps them achieve a six-hour worth of studies in just 2 hours as we have already developed a fast-paced yet effective physics tuition system that will surely benefit these high-achievers.

The Benefits

Joining a physics tuition centre has a multitude of benefits, but these benefits can only be obtained with the help of a good and experienced physics tutor. Here are some of its advantages of joining our centre:

Our programmes gives a better understanding of the Physics subject.

Many O-level and A-level students nowadays are only studying in order to pass their respective exams. Therefore, it results in graduating with high grades without much knowledge, particularly in applying its principles. With proper physics tuition and learning, the students can have a better understanding of the subject, thus keeping or storing the principles in their minds, for times when this data comes in handy as they enter the job market.

It provides students with more confidence during examinations.

Students often find the O-level and A-level physics exam to be intimidating as they can review and prepare but still get low grades. This is usually due to lack of confidence on the student’s part. When the students are enrolled in a physics tuition program, they will have a higher confidence level of the subject. Plus, the tutor is more likely to give insights and tips, which can be very helpful as they take their exams.

Tuition can help to reduce students’ doubts.

When in a typical classroom setting, students are more likely to feel shy and aloof when they need to ask lessons-related questions. With a tutor, they tend to be more comfortable with asking questions. Asking questions improve their understanding of the subject and help resolve their doubts about themselves.

It offers a brighter future.

With physics tuition Singapore, tutors do not only help with the subject; they also offer a deeper knowledge and provide more available career options. A highly-experienced physics tutor in Singapore will surely provide a student the capacity to pass their O-level and A-level exams and at the same time provide career guidance.

Qualities of a Good Subject Tutor

Choosing the right tutor for your children will surely help them achieve a higher score in their physics exam. But, beware. Not all physics tuition centres are the same. If you choose a bad one, you don’t only waste money, but time, too. Worse is your child may suffer from an even lower grade with the incorrect system and low credentials. So, how do you choose a good physics tuition centre? What makes a physics tutor the best in the field? Here are the qualities of a good physics tutor:

Focus on what the student needs.

Many physics tuition teachers use the syllabus, which is a very common teaching technique, particularly in schools. However, with this technique, average and slow students tend to drag and be left behind. Teachers are less likely to have time focusing and addressing each student’s needs. A good tutor takes time to focus and meet every need of their students. Check out if the tutor can do this in the first few sessions of your child’s physics tuition.

Capacity to motivate the student.

Physics is a subject with a very wide scope. Because of this, many students find it boring and difficult and most of them cannot wait to get rid of the subject. A good physics tutor can easily identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and use these to help motivate them to have a higher interest in the subject.

A high level of dedication.

Singapore has a long list of experienced physics tutors. Nevertheless, experience is not all they need to help students get improved grades. A good, or rather, perfect, tutor, must be dedicated in ensuring that the students could learn the theories, particularly those that are life-applicable. The tutor must also know how to connect with the student and see if they need extra support and help.

Does Your Child Need it, and Why?

Physics is one of the most useful science subjects. It is the study of rules that obeyed everything (strictly!) in the whole universe. However, many students find learning about mechanics, light waves, heat radiation, electromagnetism, and atomic structure somehow discouraging and uneventful.

That is why it is not surprising to have a child who finds studying the subject a struggle. If this is the case, we highly recommend that your child gets physics tuition, especially those who are soon to enter A-levels and O-levels, and those who are new to physics as well.
Many parents choose to use private physics tuition over other avenues simply because private tuition centres can easily customize their lessons to meet the child’s needs. A customized physics lesson plan will help the student understand the ideas and concepts and follow the formulas better than the standard syllabus used in schools.

In any journey, it would be easier if you get some help from someone who knows your struggles. Success is more likely to arrive when you have help from the right people. This is very true in many things and surprisingly; this is also correct with getting a physics tutor. Physics is a difficult subject but with the right help from the right people, it can become more manageable and less intimidating. But really, how do you know if your child needs a physics tutor?

• Your child is very vocal about experiencing difficulties on the subject.
• He or she is asking you for help with his Physics lessons.
• Your child has a very high interest in physics-related fields, such as aeronautics, aerospace, and other related industries.
• He or she gets easily frustrated when doing physics homework.
• Physics is a very new area of study for your child, and you think your child needs a guide as he/she navigates through this advanced subject.

What You Should Expect From Physics Tuition

There are many good things that you can expect from physics tuition for your students and here are some really good reasons:
• There will be a huge improvement in the student’s performance in this subject.
• They will acquire a better understanding on the subject’s principles, preparing them for a promising future career.
• They will become equipped, wiser and gain useful skills in solving daily problems.
• Students can benefit from using short and easy to comprehend notes or simplified notes compared to general materials and textbooks. With this, they are able to learn quickly or at the shortest probable time, making it more enjoyable for them to learn.
• There is development in their self-esteem especially for those who are having troubles in understanding the concepts.
• Their drive to study more will intensify.
• Their focus in studying matures.
• They become more confident in asking questions.
• The learning difficulties of a student will be identified and helps them absorb concepts at their own time.

Other Awesome benefits and Advantages

Aside from all that was mentioned here, you would be surprised as to how awesome it can be for students who undergo physics tuition and below are the solid reasons why:
1. It opens windows of opportunities to improve science.
In the past, there were scientific principles that are related to physics were once thought impossible but has now become great innovations. A good example here is Albert Einstein wherein he was criticized on thinking that an atom can be split. But because he was determined, he dedicated his life to study physics under brilliant tutors during his time.

We may never know that it could be any student enrolled under physics tuition who can make new discoveries or continue to dig more answers on quantum computer technology, string theory and time travel; helping the world to appreciate these scientific concepts.

2. Make an impact and become one of the greats!
We’d never know the science of optics, law of gravity and calculus and that’s big thanks to Sir Isaac Newton. How about the person who discovered the theory of electromagnetism? It is none other than James Clerk Maxwell. And another notable person and one of the most influential and colourful physicists in the 20th century who played a major role in the quantum electrodynamics development is Richard Feynman. The point here is physics tuition could unleash something that you could never expect and might help a student become one of the great and timeless scientific individuals here on earth.

3. Become a positive influencer for the earth.
The reason why Physics is part of the school’s academic education is that it’s one of the foundations of invention. There are different academic quests that a student may be involved in such as looking for diverse ways to develop energy efficiency, looking for other planetary systems that can sustain life, etc., this is to encourage curiosity for them to learn more.

Having the interest is not enough, one should be equipped on even the most basic knowledge in physics. With this, the student can become more inquisitive in discovering new technologies, for example, to make the world a better and liveable place, and lessen the negative of effects of global change affecting the earth. They could become someone who can share and influence others on helping mother earth or even the whole universe.

4. A wide array of employment opportunities await.
Did you know that science-related work pays lucratively? Yes, it does. And physics tuition can equip and establish a good foundation of physics-related knowledge in a student. Depending on the level of studies, it is no doubt a challenging subject which is why learning under the most certified and best tutors is a need to keep that hunger for knowledge going.

Summing Up

Is physics tuition necessary? It mostly depends on the student’s performance in the subject. However, we recommend it to students who are performing averagely and most especially those who are dealing with the subject poorly. Lack of physics tuition can result to lower chances in careers and also a disadvantaged life.

Best Physics Tuition Centre uses the DEEP Method.
It is:
D– Database of Physics Resources
E– Examination techniques for students to score ‘A’ in their Physics examination.
E– Email and WhatsApp after tuition hours for consultation
P– Present and real-world application of Physics concepts

Lesson Structure
• We will go through each topic rigorously. I will point out to you, which are the key things to take note of. I will go through in detail, the notes that are distributed to you. Upon teaching the concepts, we will practice on a large variety of exam type questions.
• Close to each of your tests and exams, I will provide you with revision packages to enhance your revision process.
Closer to the major national examinations; we will have crash courses where I summarize the entire syllabus to close any gaps and ensure you enter the exam hall well-equipped and confident.
• We will also share with you the secrets and strategies to increase your chances of acing the exams. The information shared is based on predictive analytics performed on national examinations for over the past decade.

Congratulations, you are now ready to conquer your Physics Examination!

For more information about physics tuition Singapore, please call us at 8700 9189 and get the Best Physics Tuition. We have branches in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Waterloo Centre. You may also email your enquiries at SgPhysicsCoach@gmail.com.

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