During the lessons,

  • We will go through each topic rigorously

  • I will point out to you which are the key things to take note of

  • I will go through in detail, the notes that are distributed to you

  • Upon teaching the concepts, we will practise on a large variety of exam type questions

  • Close to each of your tests and exams, I will provide you with revision packages to enhance your revision process

  • Closer to the major national examinations, we will have crash courses where I summarise the entire syllabus to close any gaps and ensure you enter the exam hall well equipped and confident

  • I will also share with you the secrets and strategies to increase your chances of acing the exams. The information shared is based on predictive analytics performed on national examinations for over the past decade

  • Congratulations, you are now ready to conquer your Physics Examination!

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