What students say about Our Top Tutor!

  • I feel happy when we are having Physics lessons, because you are such a great teacher.  I feel the difficult questions become easy after listening to your explanations.  Hope that you will still be our tutor next year!

    YC Liu TJC
  • I think I have said enough for the entire year!  Thanks for being ever so patient and helping me with my doubts even when you were busy.  Thanks for not giving up on us and don’t forget us!  Rock on!

    Cheryl PJC
  • Thank you so much for everything, esp for teaching me Physics! (btw physics is my only science next year!).  Take care and best wishes

    Wei Xin HCI
  • Thank you for everything.  You are really a great teacher in that you always go beyond your duties just to help us with our Physics.  Heard that someone who was not in your class but still went for your consultation.  If I were you, I will certainly be complaining about it but you are just so generous!

    Juping TPJC
  • You are a wonderful teacher and is always patient to explain complex physics concepts to us.  I’ll still remember all the things that you’ve taught us.   Thank you!

    Woon ACJC
  • You have been a very caring teacher who genuinely cares for us, be it in studies or our development as a whole.  I really appreciate what you have done for us.  I remember how I became paranoid and especially grumpy during the first few classes, nonetheless, you remained patient with me and helped me through this difficult period!  THANK YOU!

    Mei Yan RJC
  • Hello, my dear physic tutor!  you have been a great teacher, very funny and have uncontrollable laughter one some more.  LOL.. It has been great in physics lessons.  Really appreciate your good temper and patience. : ) 

    Kelly NJC
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